Gary Rosen makes the grade

By Michael Gaffney

This Week in Worcester is doing a candidate response to the question of why Worcester residents should vote for him and Gary Rosen was Gary Rosen:

He leads off with what he thinks is his strong suit, constituent services:

“I’ll continue to provide attentive and responsive service to my constituents all across the city.”

Unless the argument is that the City Manager and staff are unresponsive, this is the worst reason to vote for Rosen particularly where Rosen claims the City Manager is the most incredible human being to walk the earth. This is truly the most meaningless statement, but every Councilor throws it out there as if they are accomplishing something.

Grade: None, just stop!

He claims to care about the taxpayers:

“I recognize the importance of retaining and attracting middle class families with spendable income, so I will vote for a dual tax rate that is favorable to homeowners.”

And since we have an untenable triple tax rate, one for residents, one for business owners, and one for rich developers it is good to stand up for residents. But, at budget time, he has added nothing.

Grade: C-

He claims to work hard:

“I have always exhibited a strong work ethic, whether on the campaign trail or in performing my city council and constituent work.”

He has. He works very hard.

Grade: A

He claims he doesn’t support sanctuary city:

“I will never vote to make Worcester a sanctuary city.”

Except when he had the opportunity to vote on the issue, he voted to file. He claimed that the intent of the sanctuary city resolution was racist. Great to read his modified position, but when it counted, he wasn’t there. On the other hand, he is there now.

Grade: C

He gives some biographical information:

“I’m a graduate of the Worcester Public Schools (K-12), a former Chemistry teacher at Doherty Memorial High School (17 years) and a former member of the Worcester School Committee (10 years) so my support for public education in the city is unwavering.

I have volunteered with the Friends of the Worcester Senior Center for the past 8 years.”

That’s a really strong position on the issues. Seriously, no one cares.

Grade: None, he should stick to the issues.

He provides a bunch of bullet points without explanation:

  • Making Worcester cleaner, safer, more welcoming and affordable
  • Bringing more investment, businesses and jobs to the city
  • Providing sufficient funding for public safety and public schools
  • Providing funding to resurface more streets and sidewalks
  • Opening more rectangular fields to accommodate soccer and other sports
  • Keeping Worcester’s senior citizens active, healthy, hopeful and safe
  • Reducing the amount of litter and dumping throughout the city
  • Controlling the speed of traffic on residential streets

He really doesn’t expect anyone to read all those bullet points, does he? I’m actually interested, but barely have the energy.

Anyway, no specifics are provided for any of his points and they sound rather expensive. He should have provided examples of what he’s done and what he will do. He’s had the opportunity to work on the litter and dumping and done little. But when he says he will work on parks and rectangular fields, he means it. He’s done it with Coes Pond and with the dog parks. He’s been incredible with working with our seniors, particularly at the senior center. Problem here, is Rosen really is terrible at defining issues and accomplishments that are actually meaningful.

Grade: B+

Overall grade: Elect.

Next up will be Councilor King.