Khrystian King, who art thou?

By Michael Gaffney

This Week in Worcester is doing a candidate response to the question of why Worcester residents should vote for him and he failed miserably to outline any plan or any accomplishments.

He starts out reminding everyone that he is a social worker:

“My name is Khrystian King and I am running for re-election to the Worcester City Council.  As your city councilor at-large, I have taken my 20 years of experience as a clinical social worker, coach, and mentor and used to it bring a fresh perspective to City Hall.”

Having heard that he is a social worker for the 500th time, I find it taxing. But a fresh perspective to City Hall? He is an incumbent! How can he claim to bring a fresh perspective?

Grade: None

He outlines his detailed ideas going forward as follows:

“My approach to moving Worcester forward is simple: Listen, Learn, Lead.”

I’m filled with confidence about his plans for the pressing issues of the City by that statement. Unfortunately, “listen, learn” are really not in his vocabulary. His only accomplishment in his term was to have filed an item banning free speech on City Council, which is the exact opposite of “listen, learn.” While that should earn him an “F”, he backtracked on the item while addressing it to Council and it was clear to me that he was set up as the other Councilors with their typed-out prepared speeches. The entire matter blew up on them and ended with Councilor Rivera talking about her vaginal area. I’ll give him a pass on the issue as a rookie mistake.

Grade: C

He also rambles on repeating that he is a social worker and wants to bring diverse voices together, class sizes, his children, bringing back Police sub-stations, etc. I’m not going to quote it all here as it drones on pointlessly. The only idea proposed is police sub-stations which is expensive and I’d rather differ to the police chief.

Grade: None, there is no substance here.

He is apparently really excited:

“I am confident in and hopeful about the progress the city is making to re-build our downtown.  With new companies coming to Worcester and more projects on the horizon, I am excited by the prospect of bringing jobs to Worcester residents – jobs that can sustain a family and provide the opportunity to buy a house and put money back into the economy through our local businesses.”

But not a single proposal. He doesn’t address the tax handouts to the developers that are paid for off of our working poor. He doesn’t indicate how jobs will be created. Nothing but buzz words and platitudes. He’s hasn’t pushed a single item that would accomplish any of the above.

Grade: D

He ends on an item regarding public disclosure that is still under review:

“Finally, our government works best when citizens trust their elected officials to govern in an open, transparent manner. That’s why I have filed an initiative to require anyone being paid to influence City Hall or the City Council to publically disclose how much they are being paid and who is paying them.  We have a right to know who is influencing who and where our tax dollars are going.”

It sounds great, but the actual item uses rather harsh, ambiguous language, that doesn’t close any of the current loopholes for the political establishment. The item is worth looking into and I supported his effort. However, it is rather sad that an item that hasn’t been voted on or assessed by the legal department is his only listed accomplishment.

Grade: C

The grades don’t add up to passing, but they are close. Besides, he is good looking and a snappy dresser. If you’ve looked at a picture of the City Council, there are a lot of zeros in the looks department, so there is that. He has also been one of the friendliest councilors (in person) despite our differences in opinion, so there is that too.

Overall Grade: Who is this guy? Where has he been for the past two years?

Next up Edward Moynihan!