The Worcester crime family fixing elections? Say it isn’t so, Joe…

If I had told you that city officials fired people, went after donors, and played games with the 2015 election, most of you would have thought I was engaging in conspiracy theories. The local “news media” would have attacked me as badly as they attacked Juan Gomez for requesting a recount.

Yet here is the tag line written by Brad Petrishen in the Telegram and Gazette. (Petrishen is certainly no fan of mine):

“The city has settled a federal lawsuit filed by a former city elections worker after a judge determined the record supports a ‘reasonable inference’ that she was fired because of her affiliations with former City Councilor Michael Gaffney ‘and/or’ the Republican Party.”

If I said that the elections office was deliberately working against me and had provided me voter data that wasn’t as complete as the data provided to the Petty and local democrats campaign, you would have thought I was whining. The local “new media” would have come after me as hard as they went after John Frezolo when he claimed the elections department provided him with inaccurate filing dates. Petrishen also reports:

“Judge Hillman noted that Ms. Legasey was friends with Mr. Gaffney, and gave weight to statements Ms. Legasey attributed to Mr. Rushford about supporting Democrats.

While discussing his experience working on political campaigns with (Ms. Legasey), Rushford referenced the employees of the clerks department as ‘all good democrats,’ Judge Hillman wrote.

The judge found that Ms. Legasey told Mr. Vangjeli she had attended Mr. Gaffney’s birthday party in December 2014, at which time Mr. Vangjeli could not recall criticizing her decision.

‘Concerns regarding her attendance (to the party) were not raised until after Gaffney announced his candidacy for mayor,’ Judge Hillman wrote.”

If I said that games were played with the election, you would have thought I had sour grapes over losing the Mayoral race. But, Petrishen further reports:

“‘Additionally, the record shows that Rushford hired (Nikolin) Vangjeli and (Shannon) Emmons, both of whom have been affiliated with Mayor (Joseph) Petty, quickly promoted Vangjeli, and did not discipline either of them for their involvement in the critical error that (Ms. Legasey) was allegedly terminated for,’ Judge Hillman wrote.

Mr. Vangjeli, currently the assistant city clerk, interned for Mr. Petty in 2012 and requested a recommendation from him at least once, Judge Hillman noted. Ms. Emmons is Mr. Petty’s cousin.

The judge also wrote that Mr. Rushford, after sending Ms. Legasey an initial warning letter regarding her performance in April 2015, ‘waited until closer to the November 2015 election to suspend her for conduct, some of which occurred months earlier.’” [emphasis added]

Because the City is avoiding full disclosure, Petrishen was likely unaware that not only was Legasey fired right before the Election as was stated in the lawsuit, but the City had also suspended her right before the Preliminary Election. In sum, the only person that would keep an eye on the nepotism and ensure fair elections was removed from her position before each.

If I had told you that my donors and supporters were targeted, you probably would have agreed with me, because it isn’t real news. Petrishen outlined as follows:

“Ms. Legasey’s roommate, Cindy T. Nguyen, had attended Mr. Gaffney’s birthday party, contributed to his campaign there, and decided to run against District 1 Councilor Tony J. Economou.”

How did Economou know Nguyen came to my party, because she donated money to my campaign. Which means that Economou and his allies perused my campaign donors. One doesn’t peruse campaign donors without a reason. (Think about how insecure Economou must be to target Legasey because her 20 year old roommate dared to run against him).

Now let’s be clear, I had a birthday party and told people not to bring gifts, but if they felt like it, to feel free to donate. The party was held at the Perfect Game. It was open to the public. I hired a band and gave out food to celebrate my birthday. Most people brought gifts, others brought donations. Donations were, at best, secondary. (In the course of my campaigns, I spend approximately $85,000 of my own money. I certainly didn’t need to beg for money.)

In case you think there is a fair and unbiased media, let’s also keep in mind that they also used their leftist friends in the “news media” to claim that someone went to the above birthday party in “blackface”. I sued and they retracted the claim, but the damage was done.

Over the next few weeks, I will write several articles detailing the actions and involvement of Mayor Petty, City Manager Augustus, Tim Murray, Nikolin Vangjeli, and the other players in what I consider an absolutely corrupt City Hall.

If you are considering running for office and are not part of this evil establishment, do it.