While the democrats were busy undermining America and insulting fellow members of Congress, President Trump was negotiating billions in trade deals with Vietnam, making progress with peace talks with North Korea, and visiting our troops in Alaska.

The democrats have now devoted two days of hearings with a convicted felon, Michael Cohen who was charged with lying to Congress. In the process, they have blown up their own narrative and Cohen is being charged with additional counts of lying to Congress. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D), a known anti-Semite, turned the hearings into a circus when she leveled accusations of racism on Rep. Mark Meadows (R), because he had the audacity to have a black woman that works for HUD and supports President Trump at the hearings. Tlaib made the outrageous claim that the HUD employee was a “prop” and apparently it is now “tokenism” to have her attend the hearing. (The democrats invented a new “ism” to be outraged about).

The hearings went so bad for the democrats, that today’s session is not open to the public.

To top it all off, 100 democrats signed onto a Bill in the House to make private insurance illegal!

Meanwhile, President Trump:

  1. Negotiated $20 billion in trade deals with Vietnam, resulting in 83,000 new jobs;
  2. Sat down with North Korea in further peace talks (North Korea has not conducted a missile test in 458 days, nor a nuclear test in 543 days; and
  3. Visited our troops stationed in Alaska.

This week’s winner is the American people.

Thank you President Trump!