Local elections used to be a sleepy affair. Planned Parenthood has been playing on the lack of attention local elections get to inject their poison at every level of government. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has embraced the most radical positions of Planned Parenthood.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, Planned Parenthood actually endorsed candidates for City Counsel. It seemed as if it was a non-issue, with only one or two candidates seeking the endorsement in years past. The local media only questioned why they bothered, but as soon as Planned Parenthood held a majority of the City Council (all democrats), they attempted to launch their radical agenda on Worcester’s children.

They were beaten, but they will be back!

Why would Planned Parenthood get involved in such low level, nonpartisan elections? Conventional thinking was their aim was at the federal and state level. However, their agenda is currently far too out of the mainstream to survive scrutiny at state level. Further, as they attempt to push their policies on our children, Planned Parenthood needs to insert itself into your local government.

Planned Parenthood has been pushing “age-appropriate” sex education for children. By “age-appropriate”, Planned Parenthood targets 12 year old children and uses local government and school committee members to get their radical agenda into the schools. They aren’t just trying to teach safe sex or about sexual reproduction, which may in and itself be inappropriate for a 12 year old.

They are advocating for teaching 12 year old children how to perform sexually [See Massachusetts Senate Bill 2128 (it died in the House) – one of the recommended curricula was “Get Real,” published by Planned Parenthood. “Get Real” teaches how to properly use a “dental dam,” which is “placed over the vulva … or anus during oral sex.”]

What 12 year old children needs to know how to use saran wrap to perform oral sex on the anus? Why would our State legislators be asked to vote on such a thing? And how have we allowed it to get this far that this is even a question we would ever need to ask?

Even the local Democrat Party is involved in pushing Planned Parenthood’s agenda. Local elections are supposed to be nonpartisan, but not with Planned Parenthood and the democrats.

On their website, the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund is pushing the ROE Act in Massachusetts. Their talking points are:

  1. The ROE Act eliminates the onerous requirement that forces teens to obtain permission from a parent or judge to access abortion.

So a minor child, without any consultation other than pressure from her friends and Planned Parenthood can just get an abortion. No parent or judge need be involved. So while we battle with sex traffickers using young women as prostitutes, rape, and other unspeakable crimes, Planned Parenthood wants to strip any law that might inform, consult, or bring to justice a child.

  1. Massachusetts’ current law puts people and their families in the unimaginable situation of needing to end a pregnancy for serious medical reasons, but unable to do so, forcing people to travel across the country to access an abortion later in their pregnancy. The ROE Act expands access to abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy in cases of fatal fetal anomalies.

It has become obvious by now that this talking point regarding “serious medical reasons” after 24 weeks is completely disingenuous and they know it, which is why their fourth talking point is to reform outdated state laws that have restrictions to abortion. They claim they just want to comply with existing laws, which encompasses the Supreme Court decision in Doe v. Bolton which allows for abortion until birth. (Although the democrats have been caught discussing killing the baby after it is born as well).

The Doe v. Bolton case defined the “health of the mother” in such a way that any abortion for any reason could be protected by the language of the decision. Its definition of health includes “all factors—physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age—relevant to the well-being of the patient. ALL these factors may relate to health.”

  1. Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy life, no matter who they are or where they come from. That’s why the ROE Act establishes safety net coverage for abortion for people excluded from MassHealth.

They want taxpayers to pay for it.

  1. The ROE Act reforms outdated state laws by removing medically inaccurate language, abolishing medically unnecessary abortion restrictions like an unenforced 24-hour waiting period, and codifying the principles of reproductive freedom into state law.

Keep in mind that in Doe v. Bolton, Justice William O. Douglas opined: “The vicissitudes of life produce pregnancies which may be unwanted, or which may impair ‘health’ in [410 U.S. 179, 216] the broad Vuitch sense of the term, or which may imperil the life of the mother, or which in the full setting of the case may create such suffering, dislocations, misery, or tragedy as to make an early abortion the only civilized step to take. These hardships may be properly embraced in the ‘health’ factor of the mother as appraised by a person of insight. Or they may be part of a broader medical judgment based on what is ‘appropriate’ in a given case, though perhaps not ‘necessary’ in a strict sense.

Why does Planned Parenthood need to have allies in local offices? To stop any voice in government from defying their abortion agenda and to have a deep draft of politicians to promote to future office.

We have seen town and city government take positions on legislation and use their offices to advance or defeat a bill. Planned Parenthood is far ahead of the local political parties in securing their agenda.

So far, they have done it in silence. It is time to wake up and ask your local politician if they support Planned Parenthood.



And for those of you in Worcester, here are your local politicians that received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood:

  •  Joe Petty (Chairs City Council and School Committee)
  • Morris “Moe” Bergman (City Council)
  • Khrystian King (City Council)
  • Sean Rose (City Council)
  • Candy Carlson (City Council)
  • George Russell (City Council)
  • Dante Comparetto (School Committee)