By Michael Gaffney

Recent polling had Senator Elizabeth Warren at a whopping 1% of the vote amongst the democrat candidates and that poll was conducted before Robert O’Rourke (Beto) entered the race.

O’Rourke is likely to draw off a significant amount of white-person-identifying-as-a-minority vote that Warren was banking on. She’s nearly done before she began.

Considering many voters feel she cheated to get a job at Harvard, she certainly didn’t do herself any favors by going on MSNBC and state that she has “zero” sympathy for the kids that cheated to get into college,

But, is it just Warren at issue or does the rest of the country hate Massachusetts politicians?

Remember, Tsongas, Romney, (Ted) Kennedy, Kerry, Dukakis, etc.?

They were all Massachusetts’ politicians that tried and failed to become President. So, Warren finds herself with plenty of company. In fact, Massachusetts leads the nation in producing major party nominees as well as producing losers.

Could it be the self-centered, I’m better than you attitude? Or is it the tax and spend, anti-business, anti-personal liberty politics that represents the Massachusetts political elite? More likely that the rest of the country can see how fake Massachusetts’ politicians are.

In an attempt to boost her profile, Warren initially appeared to embrace some form of free speech platform by attacking Google, Facebook, and Amazon. She said she would seek legislation requiring that certain large tech companies be designated as “platform utilities” and “broken apart from any participant on that platform.” Those targets would include Amazon Marketplace, Google’s ad exchange and Google Search.

“The giant tech companies right now are eating up little, tiny business startups — and competing unfairly,” Warren told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning.

“Let me be clear,” she said. “I’m not in Washington to work for billionaires. I’m in Washington to help level the playing field so that everybody gets a chance to get out there and compete. … Right now, with giants like Amazon and Google and Facebook, do you know how venture capitals talk about the space around them? They call it the kill zone because they don’t want to fund businesses in that space because they know Amazon will eat them up, Facebook will eat them up, Google will eat them up.”

Her messaging wasn’t about free speech, but she rode that wave for a few moments, it was a thinly veiled attack on the rich and corporations. The same old strawman argument she’s been making for years, while taking money from the rich and corporations to feed her campaign. She’s about power and control, nothing else.

Maybe she should swing by Worcester (it’s in Massachusetts) and tell the City Council that they have destroyed small business in favor of rich developers. They are even handing out tax breaks to billionaires. You don’t have to even leave the state to see how hypocritical Massachusetts’ politicians are.

Keep in mind that she outlined the strategy ahead of a campaign rally Friday in Long Island City in Queens, New York. Where Amazon’s second headquarters was going to be located before the company pulled out. If she expected a big crowd at a rally to support and praise her, it didn’t happen.

While she continues to claim to be anti-Wall Street and big business, she taking donations from

UBS Investment Bank CEO and Robert Wolf Jonathan Lavine, co-managing partner at Bain Capital and chief investment officer at Bain Capital Credit. She even somehow got a donation from Lavine’s wife.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Warren has “received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the securities and investment sector.” They further advise that

“Since she ran for Congress in 2011, she has collected more than $630,000 from individuals in the securities and investment industry, making it the sixth highest industry in political donations to her campaigns.” And that she “has received major backing from lawyers and law firms that represent Wall Street interests. $2.3 million in contributions have poured from the sector to her campaign’s coffers, the second most of any industry only behind those who are retired.”

Maybe Massachusetts’ politicians would do better on the national scene if they weren’t so fake and always looking to grandstand on their own hypocrisy.

Unfortunately for Warren, she’s following the same path of failure as her predecessors.