By Michael Gaffney

It’s an election year and Dante Comparetto needs to create a boogeyman to run against as he ain’t got nothing else to run on. So, what’s his plan? Claim that the KKK has a foothold in Worcester based on the posts of a failed blogger. He has really gone out of his way to slander Worcester for political gain.

In full disclosure, we used to be friends. He was far from the left-wing socialist that he now pretends to be. That was just a ploy to get elected. He angled for the support of the far left by using me as his strawman.

You see, Dante would go to one of his events, tell everyone I was the source of all evil in Worcester, because I am a conservative republican. He would then chat with me about political strategy. Fact is, he and his wife both supported me and leaked the Worcester Democratic City Committee strategies to me at every opportunity. He has no core values, except getting elected.

Now, he needs a new boogeyman, but it seems he’s undecided if he’s running against Mayor Joe Petty or Aidan Kearney aka the Turtleboy.

His problem is that Michael Lanava, the Chair of the Worcester Democratic City Committee isn’t going to ditch Petty for Dante. Lanava used to work for Petty until Lanava threatened a candidate that dared run against Rep Dan Donahue, another former Petty employee. Lanava spends his spare time driving Petty around during election time. So, Dante might stomp his feet and yell at Petty at meetings, but he doesn’t have a chance of out-lefting Petty.

So his only choice is to dig up the same fake argument like he did during the last election cycle. The KKK is in Worcester. You might remember the “note” that was allegedly left on his apartment door using Dante’s own language making a racist statement. The whitest white man with the whitest name in white history was the alleged target of a racist note.

Unfortunately for Dante, there is no Dianne Williamson at the Telegram and Gazette to run with his ridiculous story, so now he has to pull his stunt on School Committee and hope to get noticed.

He also isn’t going to get any love from Worcester Magazine. Walter Bird used to brag about having the City Manager on speed dial and WoMag has been carrying Petty’s water since carrying water was invented. Maybe he’s got a shot on Worcesteria, but Petty hooked up Dan Margolis with a stint on the Library Board and Bill Shaner can be found hanging out with him and Petty’s boy Donahue drinking beers on Green Street.

But, while Dante is slandering Worcester as a rampant KKK outpost, let’s not forget Dante and his wife abandoned Moses Dixon, a black man, when Dixon needed him the most so he could go support Donahue’s campaign, the white guy, to garner favor for his political ambitions to get on School Committee.

Dante, please keep lecturing everyone about racism and white privilege in Worcester, you poser.

But let’s get back to Dante’s ‘Worcester is the new home of the KKK’ argument where somehow Kearney is the leader.

Kearney doesn’t even live in Worcester and his failed blog Turtleboy Sports is so 2016, the last time he was relevant in Worcester politics. Kearney is so scary:

Yeah, he looks soooo scary!

Let’s be honest. Kearney is a failure and Turtleboy Sports is a joke. He’s been banned from Twitter, has a tenth of his following on Facebook, does a podcast from his car in his garage with 2,300 followers on YouTube, and he’s resorted to begging for money on social media:

The only Worcester has to fear is Kearney’s inability to spell the name of his own blog…

Seriously, 2,300 followers on YouTube. There are grown men in their basement talking about D&D with 250,000 followers. The only candidate that Kearney has “endorsed” in the past three years that won was Gary Rosen and he openly refused the endorsement.

Kearney just got an anti-harassment order against a 100 pound transwoman because he was afraid of her and regularly runs to the police. And he bragged about it on his blog! Worcester is cowering in fear.

Here’s an example of Kearney’s political pull:

Wow, she got six (6) votes after advertising with Kearney

Worcester is in so much trouble from the KKK! What a completely disgusting claim to make against Worcester. Dante slandered our great city based on Kearney, a nobody in the community.

Are Kearney’s “Turtleriders” KKK members threatening Worcester? Like Kearney, they don’t even live in Worcester. Get a grip Dante or at least get a real boogeyman.

But Kearney’s Turtleriders are a fun bunch. Kearney is Turtleboy, he even wrote a self-published book claiming “I am a Turtle” or something. Which means if you are a dude, you are riding… yeah, Kearney. And a man wearing his gear is like a chick wearing her boyfriend’s football jersey in high school. But, it’s okay to have a man-crush, Kearney still messages me late at night on his Clarence Woods Emerson account asking me to go out for coffee and continues to obsess over me.

*Miss you*

*Can we go for coffee?*

*I see you read my message.*

I’m really not into you, Kearney. Go ice your balls.

So, Dante’s alleged KKK member is more likely dealing with his own repressed sexuality, is a failing online blogger and is afraid of small women. I’m certainly not saying he isn’t a racist POS, but for Dante to say Kearney is leading the KKK charge in Worcester is pathetic.

I suppose mentioning Kearney will always garner attention and might get Dante a few mentions, but with whom? No one cares. Dante may as well write articles for Rose Tirella at InCityTimes. Wait, is she still around?

Then again, what does Dante have to run on?

He’s accomplished nothing other than to backstab everyone that he has ever dealt with. Like me, Petty was once his friend. He campaigned with Petty and Donahue to curry favor and get elected. Now he’s burned that bridge. And they can see Dante’s plan to load the ballot with his friends to run as a team and take over School Committee. A move that could likely result in Dante unelecting himself.

Even an idiot can see this move, so it is likely that Petty and crew is prepared for it. The one thing I never did, but Dante can’t stop doing is to forget that the crew he is challenging aren’t stupid and they don’t play well in the sandbox. Dante is a conniver that manipulates others, but he isn’t intelligent. They will eat alive or dead, they don’t care.

Dante isn’t capable of playing in the same sandbox. When Kearney’s mom showed up at a School Committee meeting with a couple friends to spew forth her traditional values that she screwed up her own kid with, Dante lost it. He started screaming at the audience and then Petty in the most embarrassing display of stupidity on the City Hall floor since Sarai Rivera rambled on about her vagina.

And what a great issue to stand his ground on, a sexual educational program that would teaching 14 years olds how to make a dental dam to lick the anus of another. That will make a great bullet point on Dante’s next mailer.

I suppose Dante will be out riding his bike for votes again. Or maybe he has a driver’s license by now. Hopefully, he won’t be exploiting children to do his door to door and pay them less than minimum wage, but I doubt it.

It’s another election year and Dante’s up to his same tired old tricks, looking for a boogeyman to run against, but this time he’s dragged Worcester’s name through the mud to do it.