By Michael Gaffney

U.S. Rep Jim McGovern’s Twitter page has been rather quite lately, seems that he’s toned down his full on anti-American agenda now that he knows his page is being watched.

Yeah, he’s towing the democrat party line right now to “release the Mueller report.” Of course, the reality is now the same party that loved everything about Mueller until Friday is now ready to investigate his investigation. It appears they swung and missed on the indictments, but still need something to talk about.

They are desperate to find something slanderous in the report or, if not in the report, in the investigative notes, or if not in the notes, then in the materials, or if not in the materials, then in some materials connected to the materials.

In other words, they want to investigate the investigation. Here’s McGovern retweeting one of anti-American democrat’s talking points on the subject.


 Look at the use of the red Xs! These democrats are so crafty.

 Not to be left out, McGovern had to join in on all the fun.

 Look at way-cool Jim McGovern’s tweet:


 Oh. My. God. It. Is. So. Hip. To. Use. Periods.

I doubt McGovern actually tweets his own material, so apparently he’s hiring 30-somethings as interns now, because the last time using periods after every word was a thing was back around 2015, when people were pegging their pants and reading Aidan Kearney’s blog, “I am a Turtle” or whatever he called it.

Of course, McGovern is still harping on Net Neutrality. He’s still caught in that 2015 time warp. Here’s his tweet, complete with a GIF, cause way-cool Jim McGovern doesn’t just post tweets, he murders them:


 Maybe next McGovern will throw on a pair of Z. Cavaricci’s and do a YouTube video from his car, in his garage, in the dark. Creepy.

Of course, all the claims about Net Neutrality causing services to slow down and price gouging never materialized. It was all a democrat scam to keep the money flowing into their friends and ultimately their own pockets. The only thing Net Neutrality would accomplish is to put up barriers to 5G implementation and cause the USA to become less competitive. It is a job killer as with nearly everything the democrats propose.

Net Neutrality claims were a bust.

Mueller indictments were a bust.

No wonder McGovern is left with tweeting out old pictures of himself.

 He is so iconic!

You know it has been a bad week when McGovern starts tweeting old photos of himself.

But, I don’t want to miss out on his pinned tweet, another GIF. Yeah, he’s so creative.

Here it is, way-cool Jim McGovern not even reading the President’s budget, just throwing it in the trash.


 That is so lame and so overdone. McGovern really sucks at tweeting.

No, as an elected representative, we don’t think it is cool to just throw away the budget without reading it. McGovern wasn’t elected to act like a high school punk. But here he is, showing how unwilling he is to work with others, except he’ll claim to “walk across the aisle to get things done” at election time.

What a completely disrespectful and childish tweet.

To be fair, he didn’t read the Obama care bill either, so at least he’s consistent.