By Michael Gaffney

On March 29, 2019, National Vietnam Veterans Day, the democrats took down their POW/MIA flags and replaced them with LGTBQ flags in protest of our military’s policies, naturally McGovern joined them.

He’s a member of Congress and all he can offer is a symbolic protest? He’s really working hard for his supporters.

As McGovern would never have a POW/MIA flag or American flag hanging outside his office door, he was forced to hang his LGTBQ flag on his office door.

Here is him celebrating his great accomplishment of protesting by hanging a LGTBQ flag on March 29, 2019:


He is so brave!

 Classy guy, but consistent. I’ve never seen him at any event in Worcester celebrating military service, veterans, or Memorial Day remembrances.

 However, his Twitter page is loaded with his love for Cuba:


 Save Cuba from destroying its’ national treasures!


 Two nations coming together, with Americans paying for it!


Still tweeting about Cuba…


Holy crap, he’s still tweeting about Cuba…


McGovern’s Twitter page is an all-out Cuban lovefest. He’s still tweeting about Cuba as I write this, but I can only stand being on his page for about five minutes.

To be fair, he threw out some old and inaccurate talking points about income disparities between men and women as well as promising to fight any attempt by President Trump make healthcare affordable or fix Obamacare.

Surprisingly, he didn’t use the opportunity to mention Cuba’s “great” healthcare system or rather two systems: one for the politically connected and the other one. But, he didn’t want to give away the end game of the democrat party on healthcare: socialized medicine that sucks.

So, your Congressman accomplished the following this week:

1. Hung a flag in protest;

2. Insulted the Vietnam Veterans;

3. Praised Cuba endlessly;

4. Whined about the same issues he’s been whining about for over a decade without ever solving them.

In sum, he did nothing. Absolutely nothing.