By Michael Gaffney

[Disclaimer: I don’t know John Monfredo. I’ve never had a conversation with John Monfredo. At most he may have said “hello” to me a few times while at City events.]

Well, the worst of the worst of Worcester—the evil, hate-filled, race-baiting crew of opportunistic liars aka the “racist cabal” (Rivera, Comparetto, Encarnacion, and McFarlane)—failed miserably in their effort to bring down the Worcester school superintendent. So, now they are going after School Committee Member John Monfredo.

Monfredo has been on school committee since 2005. Prior to that he was an educator and principal for 40 years in the Worcester school system with an unblemished record.

Monfredo had the audacity to take offense to School Committee member Dante Comparetto calling the school teachers, administrators, students, and parents racist, as well as Comparetto claiming Worcester is a hotbed for the KKK and has normalized white supremacy.

Monfredo decided to resign from the Mayor’s Commission on Latino Advancement and Education because it had become a group that sought no solutions other than to attack the superintendent and bash the City as racist.

Keep in mind that rates of discipline for all students, to include minorities are dropping. We are not talking about small decreases, either. For instance, the decrease in suspensions for Latino students are down at least 40% across all categories. There has been no statistically relevant evidence of an issue in discipline with any group of kids.

The Worcester school system is headed in the right direction on this issue. But that hasn’t stopped the racist cabal from trying to destroy Monfredo.

Think about it, over 40 years of working for the betterment of the City, trashed because he opposed these folks.

The attack on Monfredo is the direct result of Rivera’s ego trip over the Superintendent’s decision to place a school resource officer at Claremont Academy. Rivera didn’t want it, so she teamed up with the former drug dealer Comparetto to take out the Superintendent. They failed, so now they seek to destroy Monfredo.

In coordination with their efforts to redirect their campaign of targeting a victim and engage in racial division, they turned to their most reliable yellow journalist, Clive McFarlane over at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. McFarlane engaged in a vicious hit-job on Monfredo, bringing up a matter that was investigated and dismissed 22 years ago. Why the Worcester Telegram and Gazette continues to allow this deliberate trash to be published is an embarrassment to the paper and the City.

It’s pretty obvious as to what is going on to anyone following social media. Here is Councilor Sarai Rivera calling down the leftist mob on Monfredo:

 Rivera “enough is enough” of your politics of personal destruction

Interestingly, Rivera run blocks for Mayor Joe Petty, her best bud and number one panderer. Petty has been the Mayor for 10 years and has been the Chair of School Committee for 10 years. He’s been around long before the school Superintendent was hired, but somehow is blameless in Rivera’s world?

The fact is, there is no blame to be had. This is all about a campaign for reelection. They know no bounds. They will tear the city apart and destroy a man (having failed to destroy the superintendent) in order to “solve” a problem they have invented. Make no mistake, they do not care about their community. This farce has one sole purpose: to get votes.

They went after the superintendent using a group run by Rivera and her husband Jose Encarnacion. You may remember that Rivera tried to get the City to pay for the demolition to her property. She claimed to know nothing about the effort as she alleged it was her husband that attended all the meetings with the City. But, it was Rivera’s committee that approved the funding. They are quite the lovely pair.

Worcester Magazine gave Monfredo an opportunity to respond, to McFarlane’s hit-piece, but it only adds fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, Worcester Magazine failed to mention that Rivera and Encarnacion are husband and wife and thus failed to inform their readers that this a coordinated effort to destroy Monfredo. (They did in a previous article, but should continue to do so whenever the two are playing off each other.)

If you haven’t noticed by now, this is the exact same attack as last week. All they did was change the names!

Hopefully, it will be as unsuccessful. Our superintendent didn’t deserve to have her reputation smeared. Monfredo doesn’t deserve to have his reputation smeared.

Worcester deserves better than this. Worcester is better than this.