By Michael Gaffney

One would think that with a list of accomplishments a mile long, an 88% approval rating with republicans, and the total vindication of the Mueller witch-hunt that the Never Trump losers would finally shut up:

Best economy ever

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch

Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

Energy Independence

Tax cuts

Record stock market

Instead, they are actually going to challenge President Trump in a primary in an attempt to weaken him for the general election.

Rasmussen’s polls show that “GOP voters say Trump a cinch for renomination”, giving him an 88% change of renomination with 70% saying it is very likely.

Fox News poll found 87% of Republicans approve of Trump’s job performance.

William Weld, the alleged republican that ran last cycle for Vice President as a libertarian and was crushed like a narc at a biker rally, blasted Trump after the Mueller report exonerated him. Mitt Romney, whose consecutive losses for president makes the Cleveland Browns look like winners, hasn’t held back his contempt. Let’s not forget John Kasich who was spanked by Trump last cycle. And now, Larry Hogan, the Governor of Maryland (who?) is thinking about jumping in.

To what end? Other than to weaken Trump for the Democrats, it makes no sense.

Trump raised $30 million in the first cycle this year, without even trying. That’s more than Sanders and Harris combined. His campaign team has their eyes set on raising $1 billion. All the challengers would do is drain money.

They don’t have a chance of winning. Nationally, Trump beats Weld 78% to 7% according to a Morning Consult poll. A University of New Hampshire poll of New Hampshire likely voters has Trump winning a four way contest with 76% against Kasich’s 10%, Weld’s 5%, and Hogan’s 1%.

An incumbent president hasn’t lost a renomination bid since 1884. Trump has higher approval numbers in his party than most presidents that cruised to renomination.

The Never Trumpers are the old guard of liberal RINOs that want a return to of the do-nothing country club mentality that once dominated the party. What they hope for is a brutal primary challenge to weaken Trump. As Pat Buchanan did to George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan did to Gerald Ford and Ted Kennedy did to Jimmy Carter. Keep in mind that all three incumbent presidents faced serious primary challenges and went on to lose in the general election. While Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama didn’t face a primary challenger and won handily.

The Never Trumpers aren’t trying to beat Trump because they want the party to take a different direction, they simply want to hand the presidency to the Democrats.