By Michael Gaffney

As we know Rep. Jim McGovern has never supported the Jewish people. It’s not surprising, because he hates Americans too. Remember this:

In response he tweeted “We have your back, @Ilhan” when Rep. Ilhan Omar was called out for tweeting that the attack on America on 9/11 was just “some people did something”.

Omar hasn’t let up with her hate of America and McGovern hasn’t backed off his love of her doing it. She’s as delusional as the rest of the democrats in believing that she has influence:

Sorry, Omar, President Trump doesn’t think of you at all. And Americans hate you, so you have absolutely no effect on policy. You disgust us when we aren’t busy laughing at your stupidity. Your only friends are human bottom-feeders like McGovern.

And while Hamas, a terrorist organization, was launching 690 rockets at Israel to kill innocent civilians and did manage to claim four innocent lives, Omar was tweeting away supporting the terrorists and condemning Israel:

And when a pregnant woman and her child were killed, Omar was retweeting against Senator Kyrsten Sinema that the Israelis were “killers.”

Of course, Omar is such a stupid waste of human space that she didn’t know that the pregnant woman and child were killed by the 690 rockets from Hamas, the terrorist organization she was supporting and encouraging to kill Jews. Did Omar then condemn the attacks by Hamas? Of course not.

Here is McGovern’s tweet supporting Israel, condemning Hamas, and distancing himself from Omar’s hate-filled rhetoric:

Of course he didn’t! Not a peep. Instead, he decided to shoot his mouth off about the Israeli Prime Minister after a rocket attack by Hamas.

As the Federalist Reports, just last week, Investigative Project produced footage of a skit produced by the Muslim American Society (MAS) in Philadelphia showing children calling for martyrdom as soldiers in the “army of Allah” and threatening to behead their enemies and subject them to “eternal torture” to wrest Jerusalem from Jewish control. The production was dedicated to supporting jihad to control Palestine.

Muslim American Society is controlled by Hamas sympathizers “known to conduct firearms and other military type training.” A Justice Department filing in a terrorism-related case states that “MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” A September 2004 Chicago Tribune investigative report revealed that Muslim American Society had been founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, adopted the group’s strict code for secrecy, and promoted Islamic supremacy.

Naturally, Omar has a long history with the group dating back nearly a decade. They even hosted her swearing in.

McGovern has always loved those that hate America, so his love of Omar isn’t a surprise:

If McGovern wants to continue to support Omar, then it is time to ask those that support McGovern if they stand with him.

They can no longer put out their signs that “hate has no home here” when their dear leader is condoning Omar’s support for terrorists slaughtering innocents.

They can no longer put their “co-exist” stickers on their Prius when their dear leader’s BFF is using children as props to do skits where Jews and Christians are being beheaded.

They can no longer scream about equality while their dear leader has the back of a person that believes in Islamic supremacy.

There is no moral high ground with McGovern or anyone supporting him. They should be shunned in society.