By Michael Gaffney

As reported by Patrick Sergeant at This Week in Worcester on April 1, 2019:

“Prior to the Feb. 28 Worcester School Committee meeting, a school committee member sent out a mass-message via a local progressive organization claiming ‘crazy amounts of racism’ happening in Worcester Public Schools [WPS].

The message – sent from school committee member Dante Comparetto – and emailed through Greater Worcester Our Revolution [GWOR] – a political movement in Worcester County – urged his supporters and their members to show up at the school committee meeting ‘…because crazy amounts of racism are still happening in our schools.’”

Comparetto failed to generate much interest when he claimed the KKK was flourishing in Worcester because of a failed blog published by Aidan “the Turtle” Kearney out of his basement in Holden. Apparently, Comparetto decided that he needed a new enemy to run against, because he has accomplished nothing during his time on School Committee. Naturally, he chose to go after Worcester again, this time targeting teachers.

Let’s be clear, “crazy amounts of racism” is an indictment of the teachers, administrators, children, and parents of the children of Worcester. It is now the second time that Comparetto, a white man, has claimed Worcester is racist to promote his campaign for reelection.

When asked for proof, Comparetto refused to respond, but his email claimed his review of the disciplinary data showed “crazy amounts of racism”. Keep in mind, Comparetto has no training in statistical analysis. He took over a business selling mixed juices, but failed because he couldn’t calculate his product margin (profit relative to production costs). Being on School Committee is his primary income.

Comparetto was a self-described former “drug dealer” See, June 12, 2016 “What made me a good drug dealer were the same skills that made me a good community organizer.” So, he’s proud of his unique skill set that enabled him to push drugs on kids.

Also from the same article, Comparetto brags about how he ran another campaign “I remember other campaign managers coming up to me and saying, ‘How are you getting her into the news so often?’ I just kind of laughed.” All he is trying to do is get coverage. Of course, he lost that campaign, so not all press is good press. A lesson he hasn’t learned.

Clearly he should stick to the metric system (often used by drug dealers to describe the amount of product) and stay away from statistics, because his bachelors degree in Urban Studies from Worcester State certainly isn’t helping him here.

The truth is, the data shows that in all groups, to include white students, there was a marginal increase in disciplinary actions taken of .11%. Hardly statistically relevant and completely fails to show any amount of racism, never mind “crazy amounts” of it. And, disciplinary actions increased for white students. Further, a comparison of data over the course of one year to the next is not a trend as it doesn’t account for any anomalies in the data.

In sum, Comparetto lied about the data and refuses to answer for it, so he will bring on the mob to disrupt instead.

In response to pressure from the teacher’s union, Roger Nugent, the President of the EAW (teacher’s union) has filed an item “allegedly” to call out Comparetto for his indictment of the City of Worcester’s schools as a racist haven.

Wow? Really?

Comparetto is surprised that he is getting pushback after making a blanket statement that Worcester’s schools are filled with racism or that Worcester is loaded with KKK members. Comparetto can’t control his hate for the people of Worcester.

I used the term “allegedly” in describing Nugent’s actions, because there is a history between him and Comparetto that was touched upon in Sergeant’s article (and obvious from their glowing smiles in the cover photo above):

“The EAW endorsed Comparetto and fellow school committee members Jack Foley and Brian O’Connell during the 2017 school committee meeting. Nugent said he now finds Comparetto’s union endorsement ‘particularly bothersome.’

‘I had conversations with Mr. Comparetto and everything that he said was pro-educator, pro-teacher. Never did he indicate that he had any suspect ideas that our members weren’t the 100 percent quality people that I know them to be,’ Nugent said.”

Let’s stop here for a moment. Nugent knew who Comparetto was. They were doing lunches together at VIA right before the endorsement. They both walked right past me. Nugent had a grin on his face and Comparetto gave me the thumbs up (he was still trying to be my friend back then.) The fix was in for Comparetto.

Nugent let Comparetto use the EAW headquarters to phone bank and campaign out of. Which begs the question of whether or not Comparetto or the EAW reported the use of the EAW headquarters as an in-kind donation.

Nugent also let Red for Ed campaign for Comparetto at the EAW headquarters as well. What is Red for Ed? According to Labor Notes, the #RedForEd movement is the brainchild of Noah Karvelis, 24, a Marxist and music teacher in Littleton, Arizona, who focuses on hip-hop and praises the violent Black Lives Matter movement.

But, as claiming outright socialism doesn’t sell with the older voting crowd in Worcester, the Red for Ed movement calls itself the “Greater Worcester Our Revolution” or “GWOR.” As if using the term “revolution” doesn’t instantly sound like a 1980’s communist slogan.

Speaking of communists, the former head of the New York Communist Party, Dan Margolis naturally pops up working with Comparetto, GWOR and against Worcester’s teachers to join in with Comparetto and bash Worcester as being racist to further political ends. Keep in mind that Margolis, the former head of the NY Communist Party, was waxing poetic about “The Dante Comparetto I Know” on his blog back when Comparetto was running for school committee. Here is Margolis, the former head of the NY Communist Party, gathering the troops to storm the School Committee meeting:

But, back to Nugent. When responding to Sergeant’s question he attempted to claim he wasn’t responsible for selecting Comparetto for endorsement.

“When asked if the EAW would endorse Comparetto ahead of this year’s school committee election, Nugent said, ‘The legislative committee that interviewed Mr. Comparetto and the other school committee members [in 2017] were the ones that made the endorsements then and I stand behind them 100 percent. Those interviews were done with complete transparency.’

‘However, if this were a one-man show, that [endorsement] wouldn’t happen again. But it’s not a one-man show. We still have a legislative committee. Some members are the same, some are different. I can’t predict the future for the endorsements anymore than I can predict the future of my own second term as president.

All I can say is that the I’m sure the comments made by [Comparetto] and others will weigh heavily on the legislative committee,’ Nugent added.”

Nugent is being disingenuous. He hand picks the members of the “legislative committee” and thereby ensures that the people he wants to be endorsed are endorsed. Despite 100% support for the union and one of them being a union member, Nugent made sure that not one of the women on School Committee were endorsed last cycle.

So now, Nugent is either working with Comparetto for publicity or is yet another victim of Comparetto’s “night of the long knives”. As I’ve written previously, Comparetto is a liar and backstabber that betrayed the Worcester Democratic City Committee numerous times and now that he has been exposed, he’s been forced to show his hand.

We shall see whether Nugent stands up for the teachers, students, parents, and people of Worcester or whether he backs down at the meeting.

Unfortunately for Nugent, Comparetto is bringing out his “brown shirts” via the above email notice for them to flood the meeting and via his social media page on Facebook. Make no mistake about it, they intend to disrupt and intimidate:

Yeah, Arthur Ellis, Nugent is stupid. Nugent teaches math.

He’s likely better with numbers, to include the metric system, than Comparetto.

And it is “you’re” not “your” Calvin Feliciano.

Note Margolis, the former head of the NY Communist Party, is telling everyone to bring in the dirt on other school committee members to bully them.

Apparently they intend to target Nugent and School Committee Members by calling them “white supremacists”

Why not, they have already called everyone in Worcester racists and KKK members.

It remains to be seen how Mayor Joe Petty, Chair of School Committee handles it. Protesting meetings is old hat for Petty. He bused people into a meeting to protest me once. Hopefully he has his microphone turned off for this one. Although, Comparetto and his little team are “morons”, so he’d be accurate this time around.

Question for Petty is, what side is he on?

After all, he put forth Margolis onto the Library Board and had him running his campaign.

That’s Margolis, the former head of the NY Communist Party, standing next to Petty and holding his sign

Will Petty stab the teachers in the back and allow Comparetto to continue to smear the good people of Worcester?

We will see.